The classic Indian flatbread



Prep time

15 minutes

Cook time

5 minutes

This flatbread is a regular accompaniment to many Pakistani and Indian dishes.
It’s simple to make and taste delicious, they’re best cooked fresh and eaten
straight away!



chapati flour

1/2 tsp 



water (warm or cold – optional)

2 tsp  vegetable oil 


1. Begin by measuring the flour out into a mixing bowl. Measure out the water.
Create a well in the flour and begin to add the water a little at a time, kneading as
you go. You’re aiming for a soft, elastic dough. The longer you knead the dough the
softer the chapatis will be.

2. Sprinkle a little flour onto a flat surface. Divide the dough into 8 and roll into balls.
Flatten the balls slightly, then roll them out into a flat disc approx. 15cm in diameter,
flouring the board when necessary.

3. Heat a shallow frying pan. Lay the chapati on top and cook for 20-30 seconds or until
the surface bubbles.

Turn it over with tongs and cook the other side for a similar time. As soon as brown
spots appear, the chapati is done.
Repeat with the other 7 balls and stack them as you go, placing kitchen towel
between each one to absorb any moisture. Cover to prevent drying out.

Chef’s tips

Spread butter on top of the cooked chapati for extra flavour.


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