In Newcastle...

In Newcastle...

The riverside that separates Newcastle and Gateshead on a cloudy day, with two bridges in clear view.

our Partners include

The Biscuit Factory Foundation Logo which features a drawing of the front of their gallery space.

The Biscuit Factory Foundation

The Gateshead food bank logo in two shades of green with the location name written in blue.

Gateshead Foodbank

The Biscuit Factory Foundation is a charity that aims to nurture and develop the artistic opportunity and appreciation of the arts.

They deliver a wide cultural programme that is accessible for all within local, regional and national communities.

The Biscuit Factory Foundation worked with us on our third cookbook, Secret Dishes From Around the World 3. They commissioned the fantastic artist Breezy Willows to create a digital painting for the project.

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The front of The Biscuit Factory Art Gallery in Newcastle on a sunny day.

Gateshead Foodbank is an organisation seeded by the Trussell Trust that provides invaluable services to the local community. They help individuals and families in crisis, through the provision of emergency food supplies. 

We worked with Gateshead Foodbank during our 2021 Reverse Advent Calendar Campaign.  The project encouraged people to donate a specific item to their local food bank  every day leading up to Christmas. We created a resource hub on our website with information about food banks across the country and promoted our free donation tracker to help people support their local food bank.

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The Bounceback Food Reverse Advent Calendar with all the doors open showing which products to donate.
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We’re currently looking for volunteers in Newcastle to join the Bounceback Team and support people living in food poverty. Head over to our volunteering page for more information!

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