Our favourite free cooking apps

We’ve compiled our favourite free cooking apps!

Cooking shouldn’t be a difficult task; it should be something which brings people together and where you can get creative. That’s why we’ve compiled our favourite free cooking apps to help make cooking as hassle free as possible.

SuperCook – recipe by ingredient

SuperCook is the app you didn’t know you needed. The app focuses on showing you recipes for things you’ve already got in your fridge or cupboard. Simply add them to the app using the voice recognition function or type them in manually. The app does all the hard work for you; searching hundreds of recipes to tailor to your ingredients. The app even has a built-in shopping list function so you can keep track of the things you’ll need for the next dish. It’s a great way to reduce food waste and use up that aubergine that you bought on a whim!

Available for Android and Apple iOS


In a similar style to SuperCook, Cookpad has a function which allows you to search for recipes for the ingredients you already have. This function however is somewhat overshadowed by Cookpad’s function as a social media and recipe sharing app. Like Pintrest, Cookpad allows you to save recipes and follow and chat with other users. Cookpad is also a global platform. Founded in Japan, Cookpad now has over 100 million users worldwide.

Available for Android and Apple iOS


One of the most daunting things about tackling a new recipe can be the culinary jargon used to explain skills which in reality, are pretty straight forward. Kitchenstories builds on this premise and has a whole host of how-to-do videos for different kitchen skills. From spatchcocking a chicken to dicing an onion, this app has got you covered. The user-friendly interface has a selection of handy instructional videos which guide you through the process step-by-step.

Available for Android and Apple iOS


Unfortunately, cooking measurements are not universal. One recipe might use cups where another uses grams or ounces for exactly the same dish. Converting these measurements can be a bit of a nightmare but KitchenCalculator does it all for you. All the conversions are in one place on this easy to use app. The app also comes with a function which lets you scale up or scale down your recipes to serve a larger or smaller size, think sponge cake to cupcakes!

Available for Android via Googleplay or Amazon


Cooking when you’re vegan doesn’t have to be all tofu and stuffed peppers! Gonutss is an ingredients alternative app which suggests vegan alternatives for everyday ingredients such as egg whites and milk. This is especially helpful for aspiring bakers who are struggling to find the vegan ingredients to make their cakes fluffy! The app also comes with built in allergy and food intolerance preferences so gluten free vegans can finally find their perfect alternatives.

Available for Android and Apple iOS

Is it Vegan?

In a similar way to Gonutss, Is it Vegan? lets you bypass reading the long list of ingredients to see whether something contains milk powder. Just pop your ingredient into the search bar and the handy scale will tell you whether the product is definitely vegan or not! Despite its vegan centred name, this app also caters to vegetarian users and will tell you whether your veggie Percy Pigs really are so veggie.

Available for Android and Apple iOS


Last but by no means least, OrganizEat. This app will let you easily collect and store all the recipes you’ve found from various websites, cookbooks and of course, our portal. All you’ve got to do is take a picture of the recipe and the app will automatically convert it into text and store it. You can organise the recipes by different categories, it’s basically a virtual DIY recipe book.

Available for Android and Apple iOS


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