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Rare first edition up for auction!

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A rare first edition copy of the original Secret Dishes From Around the World will be available to bid on from midday on Friday 26th February to Monday 8th March! We’re auctioning off this limited edition copy in order to raise vital funds for the nationwide expansion of our community cookery school. Place your bid now!

Illustrator Libby Element signed this first edition exclusively at the book launch held at Manchester’s Royal Exchange back in November 2019. This week you can bid on the final of 50 limited editions!

Cookbook open showing silver Sharpie signature.

Libby’s beautiful artwork accompanies the exciting vegetarian and vegan recipes in the cookbook. Check out her illustration of limes for the introduction to the Brazil section below:

Cookbook open showing Brazil section. The pages are green with an illustration of a lime.

Libby also has given us an insight into her artistic process! For example, her gradual development of illustrating ginger and Phò:

Cookbook open showing section on how the illustrations take shape, including a gradual drawing of a piece of ginger and a bowl of Phò.

The critically acclaimed Secret Dishes From Around the World series began when we published the first book in November 2019. As a result of the success of the first book, Secret Dishes From Around the World 2 followed a year later. The second in the series was a collective effort by 20 artists based in Greater Manchester, Cheshire and North Wales. To find out more, listen to the accompanying podcast, Share Your Secrets! Currently, we’re crowdfunding to raise the funds to complete the trilogy. With your support, we’re hoping to publish our third cookbook in November 2021!

Graphic of 3 Secret Dishes From Around the World books. Text reads Back the Book! with an arrow pointing to the third book.

The auction is now open – place your bid today! Your bid will help us achieve our mission to fight food poverty nationwide – thank you for your support!

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