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Secret Dishes From Around the World 3


A celebration of the diversity of food, art and community, Secret Dishes From Around the World 3 is the perfect gift – for yourself or for a loved one! It features 40 recipes from 20 countries and beautiful, original artwork by talented artists across the UK.

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The Secret Dishes From Around the World Series


Over the last 3 years, we have created the Secret Dishes From Around the World cookbooks to fundraise for our fight against food poverty.

The series presents carefully curated dishes from a huge variety of cuisines. The books often use familiar ingredients to create exciting new flavours. If you’re new to the kitchen, these books are the ideal introduction for cooking different cuisines. For the more experienced foodies, the wide range of featured cuisines means that even the most adventurous chef will have a new recipe to try!

Secret Dishes From Around the World 3 is our third fundraising cookbook. It features 40 recipes from 20 countries and original artwork from talented artists across the UK.

Creating this book has been a collaborative process from beginning to end. It was crowdfunding that made it possible, with our successful ‘Back the Book’ campaign which surpassed its initial target. We wanted our third cookbook to represent Bounceback Food’s current state, as we scale up to become a nationwide organisation. This encouraged us to reach out to the 20 arts charities across the UK who became our collaborators on the book. 

Each of the artworks has a distinct style and the wide variety of art complements the wide range of cuisines. Every section of the book is filled with colourful illustration and equally colourful food!

These charities all provide vital arts support in their respective communities, and they facilitated the creation of the artwork for Secret Dishes From Around the World 3. 

Each arts organisation commissioned an artist (or a group of artists) of their choice.  The artists were then assigned one of countries that features in the book and their work prefaces the section for each country. Each artist interpreted the brief differently; some studied the traditional art of the culture that they were representing, others chose to focus on their personal links with the culture.

Our 20 partner arts charities are all located in towns and cities where we are establishing Bounceback Food delivery teams. Although lockdown made it impossible to travel to these locations, our collaboration with the artists allowed us to make meaningful connections all across the UK!


Each recipe is accompanied by stylish food photography that make the dishes even more tempting. If you’re already familiar with Indian food, then why not mix it up and give the Malaysian dish a shot? Or be transported across the globe by trying a new Venezuelan food? There are also ways to mix different cuisines; how about pairing a your usual salad with some Japanese pickled vegetables? The majority of recipes also feature a vegan swap, to make it accessible for those with dietary requirements.

A celebration of the diversity of food, art and community, Secret Dishes From Around the World 3 is the perfect gift – for yourself or for a loved one!

Whilst you’re here, why not complete the set and buy the Secret Dishes From Around the World Trilogy?


Secret Dishes From Around the World 1 (2019) is our first fundraising cookbook, packed full of exciting vegetarian and vegan recipes, and is fully illustrated by the Manchester-based artist Libby Element. It also tells the story of how our social enterprise has been proactively fighting food poverty since 2014.

Secret Dishes From Around the World 2 (2020) contains recipes from 20 countries and original designs by 20 artists based in Greater Manchester, Cheshire & North Wales. The second book celebrates a diverse range of great dishes, from traditional biscuits from New Zealand to popular snacks from Trinidad and Tobago.

Not only will these books look great together on your shelf, but the trilogy is currently available for £25 under the RRP and you’ll also get free shipping! All proceeds support our non-profit social enterprise as we scale up our fight against food poverty nationwide. Thank you for your continued support!

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‘Lovely cookbooks with dishes from around the world! Plus all proceeds go towards supporting Bounceback’s nationwide fight against food poverty.’

Aisling Bea, Actor & Writer

‘A no-fuss, global tour of reliable recipes. All the dishes were new to me and I had a blast not only making them but eating them, too!’

Jack Rear, The Telegraph

‘Bounceback Food have pioneered the development of ‘buy one, give one’ cookery courses, ensuring everyone in the community gets to cook together!’

The Happy Newspaper

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