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The joy of giving gifts at Christmas

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In her first guest blog for Bounceback Food, Lynn Murray from Dial2Donate takes a look at charitable giving in the season of goodwill.


Christmas, time for giving to friends, family & charitable causes

December is here and with it comes Christmas and the approaching promise of a New Year. Traditionally it’s the time for children to dream of toys and adults busily wrap them. Of course, during the festive season people’s generosity is often at a high and the spirit of giving particularly prevalent.

An idyllic celebration is naturally on everyone’s Christmas list, however circumstance can sometimes tarnish that perfect picture. Thankfully, that is where charity steps in – supporting and providing what it can, where it can. This guest blog examines ‘charitable giving’ during this season of goodwill andthroughout the year.

The pleasure of giving

Many people say that it is more satisfying to give a gift than to receive one – a sentiment that reassuringly rings true with many, especially at Christmas.

Cathy Pharoah, Professor of Charity Funding at Cass Business School in London suggests that the amount of people donating at Christmas typically rises by around 5%. Numerous reasons are behind this boost. Interestingly, Cathy also explores the fact that in addition to the act of giving, Christmas instigates more opportunities to donate, many of which also encapsulate the season. Take for instance The Salvation Army band playing seasonal songs or the many charity carol concerts playing up and down the UK. Along with trees, tinsel and turkey, charity has become an integral part of Christmas.

Dial2Donate’s not just for Christmas

As Cathy Pharoah also identifies, charities are in need of support all year round. Christmas is merely one event in a charity’s 12-month calendar. The team at Dial2Donate love Christmas, however, we also recognise the long-term needs of the third sector. Constantly on the lookout for deserving causes, Dial2Donate is committed to giving throughout the year.

Dial2Donate & Bounceback Food

Just a few short months ago Dial2Donate learnt of Bounceback Food’s unique initiative and simply had to help. Dial2Donate and Bounceback have more than one thing in common. Both organisations are familiar with the North West but more importantly, both are dedicated to doing what they can for genuine appeals. A natural way for D2D to assist Bounceback was to follow their story, writing and publishing relevant posts via Dial2Donate’s website and social channels.

Christmas, New Year & Beyond

As with the majority of good causes in the Dial2Donate portfolio, the commitment given to Bounceback Food is ongoing. From continuing to update the Bounceback timeline to offering additional pro bono services where necessary, Dial2Donate is there for the journey.

For a quick look please click onto or visit the Dial2Donate Facebook page.

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