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Share Your Secrets Season 2: Show Notes

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Episode 1


In the first episode of Share Your Secrets Season 2, host Miriam Rendell introduces the common thread that runs through this season: the publication of fundraiser cookbook Secret Dishes From Around the World 3 and the subsequent book tour. The conversations that will feature on this season took place with artists and organisers who collaborated on this book with Bounceback. The book features different recipes from a variety of countries the recipes are divided into sections based on the country of origin. At the beginning of each section there is an original artwork which represents the featured country.

Miriam starts by talking to Duncan Swainsbury, the founder of Bounceback Food, about the motivation behind creating the book as well as the process of writing it. The focus then shifts to the interviews conducted on the first stop of the book tour, in Manchester, where Miriam interviews the artists Justin P Lees who was commissioned to work on the book by the charity Venture Arts.

The next stop of the tour was the Gap Arts Project in Birmingham, where Miriam caught up with the artist Bayan Moradi who shares how her childhood in Iran influenced the piece that she created for the project. Finally, there’s a conversation with Ella Marshall, a co-ordinator with Gap Arts, who speaks about the importance of how arts spaces can become community spaces.

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Secrets Shared

  • Bounceback Food released its third fundraiser cookbook which was a collaboration with 20 arts charities and social enterprises from 20 locations around the UK.
  • These 20 locations were chosen because they are where Bounceback is establishing delivery teams as it scales up its community cookery school nationwide.
  • Justin researched Venezuela extensively before creating the artwork for the project. He was particularly interested in the dance, music and natural beauty.
  • His artistic influences include Dr. Seuss, Quentin Blake and E. H. Shepherd.
  • Over the course of working on the piece, he learnt that his mother was born in Venezuela, which gave him an even deeper connection with the country.
  • Bayan’s self portrait which is being exhibited in the Venture Arts Space was influenced by the loneliness that she experienced during the first lockdown.
  • Making her artwork in lockdown helped Bayan to process her emotions.
  • Her artwork was inspired by a memory from when she was a child in Iran and watching a huge wedding procession from a rooftop.
  • She shares the significance of mirrors in a traditional Iranian wedding.
  • Bayan talks of some of her favourite Kurdish foods and the importance of food to Kurdish culture.
  • Ella talks about the inception of the GAP Arts Project and how it centres youth voices.
  • GAP Arts set up vital community aid during the pandemic to provide food and green spaces to asylum seekers and the wider community.
  • Ella reveals the importance of arts spaces as public spaces where people can seek support and community in many different ways.



Justin P. Lees is an artist who has been illustrating as long as he can remember. He has worked with Manchester City Council, Children in Need and has had his work exhibited across the country.



Bayan Moradi is an artist who works primarily in paints and inks. Her work has been exhibited in the GAP Arts project and she designs items for her online store.

Etsy Store:

Instagram Store:

Art Instagram:

Ella Marshall joined the GAP Arts Project’s core team in 2016 as project manager. Since then, she has worked with the project as an exhibition curator, event producer, programmer, creative workshop facilitator, set designer, community story researcher and venue manager.

Episode 2


On the second episode of Share Your Secrets Season 2, we hear from Jacqueline Alkema from Women’s Arts Association Wales. Jacqueline grew up in Holland and her paintings are still influenced by Flemish art. She speaks about the importance of women’s participation in the arts, as well as the importance of there being spaces for women to gather to create.

The next interview is with Akulah Agbami, who is central to the international organisation BLACK* Artists On The Move. She explains why global collaboration is so important to the organisation and introduces her show History is NOW, which was created for Black History Month.

We also hear from Bounceback’s Founder, Duncan, about the experience of the book tour and meeting the artists for the first time.

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Secrets Shared

  • Jacqueline shares how Women’s Art Association Wales (WAAW) was started in 1984 to combat women’s exclusion and isolation in the arts and in the community at large.
  • Traditionally female art forms, like embroidery, have long been overlooked by the art world.
  • Although men and children are now welcomed into events, female spaces and female collaboration are vitally important to encourage women to reach their creative potential.
  • Akulah shares how the role of artists in society is now more important than ever.
  • BLACK Artists on the Move* has an agenda of compassion in everything the organisation does.
  • Akulah discusses the centrality of women as caregivers and also recognises the need for women to take risks and tread new paths.
  • International collaboration is integral to BLACK* Artists on the Move and the difference between supporting artists in the UK and the developing world.
  • Akulah discusses the importance of food justice and recognising the inequalities that exist within the global food system.



Akulah Agbami is a poet, playwright, artistic director and producer. She is has chaired Taunton YMCA, was formerly the editor of Spare Rib magazine and chaired The Women’s Community Forum.


Jacqueline Alkema is a Trustee of the Women’s Arts Association and a painter with long-term interest in traditions of iconic imagery in women’s portraiture often exploring the identity of, seemingly anonymous women.



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