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Reverse Advent Calendar – Day 11

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As we move towards the middle of advent, we’re shaking things up this Saturday with toothbrush donations!

If you’re in the supermarket today, grabbing a toothbrush from the toiletries aisle and donating it to a local food bank can make a world of difference. Food banks often put out calls for toothbrushes, because dental care is crucial for overall health, self-confidence and wellbeing. A study in London showed that 60% of participants had suffered from toothache since becoming homeless – 15% had pulled out their own teeth. Whether someone is struggling to make ends meet at home, or living on the streets, it’s the little things that become unaffordable to replace.

Are you a keen eco-warrior? Don’t settle for plastic in your toothbrush donation. Bamboo toothbrushes by Panda Packaging are a reusable way to keep your teeth clean, without damaging the environment. They’ve won multiple sustainability awards, and use innovative technology to help combat plastic pollution. Buy one to donate here!

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