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Here's what the Bounceback Food team have been up to!

We are currently looking for businesses to partner with us on our Christmas Meal Drive this year. This would allow us to increase the number of hot, nutritious meals that we can prepare and distribute to people around Manchester living in food poverty.

Since 2014, we’ve been teaching  people how to cook, donating food to food banks and providing catering services in disadvantaged communities. With your organisation’s help, we could scale up our Meal Drive Operation and support a greater number of people living in food poverty this Christmas.

We have different tiers of support that we invite businesses to consider, tailored to your specific situation and capacity for support

We will be thanking all corporates who support our campaign across our Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which collectively reach over 6,000 people.

If you would be interested in supporting this meal drive or any of our other projects, please contact [email protected].

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