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Help us tackle Holiday Hunger!

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As summer approaches, the school holidays can be an especially challenging time for families struggling with food insecurity. Over 2 million children qualified for Free School Meals last academic year, putting them at risk of hunger in the holiday period. This is compounded by the fact that since 2018, the number of children who depend on foodbanks has risen by 49%, with many parents also stating they skip meals to ensure their child is able to eat. 

To tackle this stark inequality, we are launching our annual campaign to tackle school holiday hunger. With an initial target of £25,000, our aim is to raise funds to deliver 5 additional Summer Holiday Cooking Clubs for children, as well as distribute 2,000 additional meals to vulnerable people. The funds will also help update our online recipe and nutrition resources for partner charities. 

If we meet our initial target, we aim to raise further funds to equip our Community Cookery School teams with workshop and catering equipment to help improve our delivery to beneficiaries and expand our fundraising opportunities. We would also hope to develop a new range of cookery workshops to fund year-round delivery of our core outreach work across the UK. 

In this way, our Summer Holiday Cooking Club programme aims to tackle holiday hunger not just through direct meal provision, but also improving food education and nutrition awareness for school children. You can find out more about our goals and how to support the programme via our official Aviva crowdfunding page. All donations up to £250 will be automatically doubled, plus you can access a range of exciting fundraising rewards from just £4. 

Share this campaign with your friends, family, and colleagues to spread the word and make the most of our fundraising support from Aviva UK. Together we can make a difference.

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