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Bounceback Stories #2 – Kate Allatt

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The next contributor to our ‘Bounceback Stories’ feature – that tells the tales of inspirational people across the UK who have overcome adversity to bounce back – is Kate Allatt. Here is a brief summary of her remarkable story:

Following a stroke in 2010, I was still able to think and feel, but was unable to move any part of my body for months. I was soon told that I was suffering from a condition known as ‘locked in syndrome’. Through self-belief, visualisation and motivation, I managed to regain control of my body against medical odds.

A lot has changed since the stroke. I have ‘bounced back’ by becoming a highly regarded TEDx motivational speaker, pioneered two pieces of research at Nottingham University and even won the title of ‘Extraordinary Woman of the Year’ in 2011. I also became an author and wrote the internationally acclaimed book ‘Running Free – Breaking out of locked in syndrome’.

To find out more about my story or if you you think I could help your business, NHS or school please get in touch by emailing [email protected], calling 07801228676 or take a look at my website. There you’ll find my latest video where I spoke alongside Jeremy Hunt and Dame Kelly Holmes at the recent NHS annual conference in Manchester.

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