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Here's what the Bounceback Food team have been up to!

Bounceback Food has recently been lucky enough to host student interns from a variety of Universities, including Falmouth University, which specialises in training students for careers in the creative industries. Our most recent graphic design intern, Polly Bibby, joined us from Falmouth. Over the course of her placement, she created a fantastic set of images to capture the spirit of our Community Cookery School. She has drawn a diverse group of characters coming together to cook.

We love the attention to detail in these illustrations, from birth marks to messy aprons! Polly also said that she imagined each figure as a particular character with a backstory, and the unique personalities really come through in the drawings. The diverse range of ages, genders, disabilities, ethnicities and races are reflective of our community cookery classes.

Initial Drafts

You’ll be seeing these characters across our social media platforms and our information flyers! They might even feature on our 2023 Recipe Calendar, which we are currently developing and will soon be available to pre-order in our online shop.

The illustrations made us nostalgic for our in-person cooking classes which are now starting to resume after a break of nearly three years! We are so excited to get back into the kitchen and to start bringing people together again through food. If you want to see our upcoming events and workshops, check in on our Eventbrite page to keep up to date.

These illustrations really do give a sense of the feelings of community that our cookery classes promote, especially how cheerful everyone looks!

We wanted to extend a big thank you to Polly for creating such imaginative and accomplished illustrations! If you want to see more of her work you can find her art Instagram here or visit Bibby Illustrations’ upcoming website here.

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