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Secret Dishes From Around the World – Audiobook


The audiobook equivalent of the original Secret Dishes From Around the World was recorded to ensure that our first fundraising collection of recipes was also accessible to blind and partially-sighted people. It’s a terrific listen that also makes cooking a more immersive experience!

Secret Dishes From Around the World – Beautiful Fundraising Cookbooks

Our Secret Dishes From Around the World fundraising cookbook series carefully curates dishes from a huge variety of cuisines. The books often use familiar ingredients to create exciting new flavours. The wide range of cuisines featured means that even the most experienced foodie will have a new recipe to try. Or if you’re new to the kitchen, these books serve as the ideal introduction into cooking different cuisines!

In the audiobook version of the original Secret Dishes From Around the World you’ll discover a range of our favourite vegetarian and vegan recipes and find out how we’ve developed the “buy one, give one” model to ensure that everyone in the community has the opportunity to share the joy of cooking.

Listening along to a recipe using an audiobook makes cooking a more immersive process, as your attention is solely focused on the food in front of you, rather than split between the ingredients and the book.

Secret Dishes From Around the World took 18 months to write following our ‘Back the Book‘ crowdfunder in August 2018. It presents vegetarian and vegan recipes from traditionally veggie-friendly cuisines, such as Indian. But it also includes dishes from cuisines not often found in plant-based recipe books – like Kaukau from Papua New Guinea, for instance.

You can get a free copy of our audiobook when you click here and sign up for a free 30-day trial of Audible, or it’s also available to buy as a one-off purchase via Audible on Amazon & iTunes.

All proceeds will go towards the development of our Community Cookery School teams as we continue to proactively tackle food poverty across the UK. Thanks for your support!

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‘Lovely cookbooks with dishes from around the world! Plus all proceeds go towards supporting Bounceback’s nationwide fight against food poverty.’

Aisling Bea, Actor & Writer

‘A no-fuss, global tour of reliable recipes. All the dishes were new to me and I had a blast not only making them but eating them, too!’

Jack Rear, The Telegraph

‘Bounceback Food have pioneered the development of ‘buy one, give one’ cookery courses, ensuring everyone in the community gets to cook together!’

The Happy Newspaper

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