Stronger together

Collaboration is key to our nationwide fight against food poverty

Three photos of Bounceback Food Charity Partners including a cookery workshop, food bank drive and partner website.
Three photos of Bounceback Food outreach work including a cookery demonstration, cookery workshop in action and community meal drive donations.

Since 2014, we have developed partnerships with over 100 food banks, charities and social enterprises across the UK.

Our support extends to a variety of local and national partners, all of whom are delivering vitally important work in their communities.

By providing our Charity Partners with access to a range of free cookery workshops, learning programmes and training we are able to extend our support to people living in food poverty across the UK by:

  • Teaching them cooking and nutrition skills
  • Providing opportunities to gain accredited qualifications
  • Improving community cohesion and reducing social isolation

We continue to build our network of Partner Charities across the UK as we aim to establish Bounceback teams in at least 20 locations by 2024.

Our partners include

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