How to eat healthily, reduce plastic, and protect the planet!

Simple ways to reduce the use of plastic in our daily lives.

The issue of plastic waste is an increasingly growing concern; 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans each year.

Large producers of plastic waste are fast food chains. Not only are they huge producers of plastic waste with masses of wrappers, boxes, straws, and cups, eating too much fast food has seriously harmful effects on our health, with so much salt and sugar entering our bodies.

We should limit our fast food meals by cooking more at home to make sure we are eating healthily. The more processed or packaged a food is, the greater the risk that it contains harmful chemicals, therefore we should aim to eat as much fresh food as possible. Cooking at home doesn’t have to be challenging as there are many simple and super easy meals that are achievable for everyone and when we cook for ourselves using fresh ingredients, we know exactly what we are eating.

A great option is to grow your own at home! Supermarkets also use unnecessary amounts of plastic, therefore growing your own is a great way to reduce packaged produce. Our ‘Grow your own’ section provides lots of useful information and tips for growing your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs at home! 

When we go shopping, we should avoid single use plastic bags as much as possible. Keeping a reusable fold up bag in your handbag or car is convenient and means you have one with you at all times.

Additionally, we can reduce the amount of cling film we use. Using alternatives such as beeswax or silicone wraps are much more practical as they can be used time and time again. Also, when packing sandwiches, a simple switch to a reusable sandwich container can make a huge difference.

Making an effort to implement these changes will help to ensure that we are doing our bit to protect the planet!


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