Sweet potatoes

Thrive in sunny sites!

Sweet potatoes are suited to warmer climates. They are best grown from cuttings and can be bought via mail order. When received, they should be potted immediately into small pots of multi-purpose compost. Ensure that moisture is retained and cover the pots with a clear plastic bag, until they root. Grow on a sunny windowsill and ‘harden off’ before planting outdoors.

Sweet potatoes require somewhere with a lot of sunlight and shelter and need moisture-retentive, free-draining soil. Cover the soil with black polythene several weeks before planting to warm the soil and prevent weed growth. Plant in early June and cover with cloches or fleece.

Top tips

– Wait until the leaves turn yellow and die back before harvesting.

– Lift with caution to prevent bruising.

– Sweet potatoes are hard to store but if blanched beforehand, they freeze well.

– The shoots and leaves can also be cooked and used as a spinach substitute!

Key timings

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