Easy to grow in mild weather at the end of the Spring.

Squash can be grown from seeds either outdoors, or started indoors in pots! You can get the seeds at your local garden centre. It’s best to plant in late Spring as this is when the climate is mild enough for germination. 

Sow seeds 2.5 cm deep outdoors or 13mm deep in 7.5cm of compost in pots if indoors. Cover with jars or other suitable coverings to keep the birds away for two weeks. 

Replant 90cm apart in a hole which is about the depth of a spade. 

Top tips 

– Squash need lots of water so make sure to water regularly! 

– If growing seedlings indoors before moving outside, make sure to acclimatise them by moving them to a cooler space which is closer to the outdoor temperature before planting in the ground. 

– Harvest when the squash is still quite small! 

– Don’t overcrowd the squash seedlings when replanting. 

Key timings 

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