Easy to grow indoors or outdoors! 

Sage is the perfect plant for British weather; loving a combination of shade and sunshine in a warm location. You can buy small plants from the supermarket or the garden centre which is much easier than growing from seed! Plant in spring and harvest throughout the summer and early autumn.

Plant into 20-45 cm pots and raise off the floor in the winter to allow for drainage.

Top tips 

– Water well in dry and hot spells but don’t overwater! 

– Prune regularly to stimulate regrowth, one sage plant can go for a couple of years. 

– Protect from strong winds and direct, strong sunlight. 

– Sage is evergreen which means there are leaves to harvest all year round! 

Key timings 

Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
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Harvest ü ü ü ü ü ü

Our Experience

Having bought a sage plant from the supermarket, I planted it into a wide terracotta pot in the garden. I noticed slugs were getting at it so raised it off the floor on a pot stand. This has reduced the problem! I also didn’t realise sage flowers which is a lovely addition to my little herb garden! Try rubbing the leaves between your fingers to really smell the herb, it’s amazing. 


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