A delicious and easy to grow fruit which can be eaten alone or in a variety of desserts!

Plant your seeds in a sunny, sheltered area with moist, fertile soil free of flooding or weeds. You can buy seeds online, in your local supermarket or at a garden centre. Raspberry seeds can be planted any time between November and March, but check that the soil isn’t frozen or flooded.

Use posts to support the raspberries, place these in the ground 8cm deep and leave 180cm between rows; attach stretching wires between the canes. For summer fruiting raspberries plant the canes 40cm apart, and for autumn fruiting raspberries plant them 60cm apart.

Top tips

-Ensure you regularly water the plants, especially during dry spells.

-In the Spring, feed with a general fertiliser and mulch around the plants to prevent weeds and keep the roots moist.

-You can use nets to protect the plants from birds!

-Try out these raspberries in our delicious raspberry and lemon posset recipe in our recipes section! 

Key timings

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