If you’re a fan of fruit but don’t have much space in the garden, then growing plums could be perfect for you! 

Plum trees are some of the hardiest fruit plants to grow, and if managed can be kept small enough to grow in even the smallest of gardens. 

Plant your seeds in a patch of soil or, if you don’t have a garden, use a large plant pot with large drainage holes at the bottom. 

Keep well watered. When the plant has grown tall enough that it starts to lean over, tie to a tall support stick. The plum will stay on the support stick for its first few years of life. 

In the summer, your tree should have some lovely plums!

Top tips

– Plant your seeds in late autumn/early winter.

– In winter, a horticultural fleece will help the tree survive the frost.

– In spring, you can prune the plant to keep it to the right size, but do not eat any plums that may be on it – they won’t be ready.

– In the summer, the plums which are ready will come off easily – if they are difficult to remove, leave them a bit longer!

– Plum trees need lots of sun, so make sure they are kept in an area where they can get lots of sun!


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