One of the easiest vegetables to grow at home!

Peas thrive in sunny, open, well-drained sites, and their seeds can be found in most large supermarkets. Typically, peas prefer cooler weather and so the best time to sow the seeds is early Spring.    

Sow the seeds evenly, around 10 cm apart from each other, cover with soil then lightly firm. Once flowers begin to show, you will need to provide some support for the plants to scramble up. The easiest solution to this is adding bamboo canes, netting or a trellis.

Top tips

 – Sufficient water is vital for the pods to swell properly. Check the soil moisture to find out if the plants are getting enough.

– Add a mulch around the base of the plants to preserve soil moisture.

 – If the weather is very cold, protect the seedlings with horticultural fleece.

– Once harvested, use the peas as quickly as possible before they lose their sweetness.

 – Pick regularly, or the plants will stop producing flowers and pods.

Key timings 

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Our experience 

Growing peas works best companion planting (growing other vegetables alongside such as carrots 


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