Great for a snack or for cooking with – pears are easy to grow, even in containers!

The best position for a pear tree is in a sheltered sunny spot. There are two different types of pear trees for sale; those with bare root stock or in containers. Bare-root pear trees should be planted from late autumn to early spring. Containerised plants can be grown at anytime of the year, although winter is preferred.

If using a bare-root stock, dig a hole no deeper than the roots but three times the size in diameter. Place the plant in the hole, and carefully re-fill it to eliminate any air pockets. If using a container, choose one 45-50 cm in diameter. Use a good quality compost.

Top tips

– Pear trees only need watering during dry spells.

– Pear trees will need pruning when the tree is dormant (usually between November and March). Remove crossing, weak, dead, diseased or damaged branches using sharp secateurs.

– In early spring, sprinkle a balanced general fertiliser (e.g Growmore) around the base of the plant.

– Harvest pears before they are fully ripened – they should be firm and swollen.

– Keep an eye out for brown rot, pear rust, and blister mites!

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