Sun-loving fruits which can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Grapes should be planted between October and March against walls or fences at 1.2 meters apart, and then harvested between August and November. These fruits will take several years to mature properly and are a rewarding, but more permanent, addition to your garden.

There are two distinct varieties with different needs: Dessert and Wine. Dessert grapes need to be grown in a greenhouse to ripen properly and will therefore need careful watering, especially during the summer, and feed in the Spring. Wine grapes should be grown outside in sunny sites, preferably South-facing. You should pick a type of grape that suits your soil and climate, but be aware that all types of grape need regular attention and pruning. All flowers should be removed in the first two years of planting and leaves trimmed in September. 

Top tips

– For a three year old plant, allow only three bunches on each vine, four bunches for five year old plants, and unlimited after that.

– Place white or black stones around the roots in the Spring to prevent weeds. The white stones will reflect sunlight back onto the vines, the black will absorb the heat into the soil.

– During winter months, do not attempt to warm plants as they require a season of dormancy. 

– Once grown, check the vines weekly and remove any dead grapes to encourage growth!

– Mist leaves regularly if growing indoors to avoid mites and other insects who thrive in warm, dry locations. 

– The best way to know if a grape is ready is to taste it, they should be harvested when they taste sweetest and are soft to the touch. 

Key timings

Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
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