Simple to grow in a sunny site.

Garlic thrives in sunny, well-drained sites. Get your bulbs from a garden centre if possible – ones from the supermarket may not be suited to the climate. It’s best to plant them either late autumn or at the start of the year as they need a chilling period.

Add compost to the soil then plant individual cloves so that their tips are 2.5cm below the soil surface. Space them 15cm apart and leave 30cm between rows.

Top tips

– Remember to water during dry spells to improve your yield.

– Cover with horticultural fleece during winter to prevent frost and deter birds from pulling up freshly planted cloves.

– Wait until the leaves turn yellow before harvesting. 

– The leaves can also be used as a garnish or in salads!

Key timings

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Harvest ü ü ü


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