Transform your salads and fish dishes! 

Fennel thrives during warm summers on an open, sunny site and their seeds can be found in most large supermarkets. Uniquely, all parts of the fennel plant are edible. Fennel is perfect for adding flavour to salads, coleslaws, pastas and fish. 

Sow the seeds directly into the soil, 15mm deep, in rows 30cm apart. Ideally, do this when the soil is warm from May to early July. When the bulbs start to swell, mound soil around the bulbs. Roughly 20 days after doing this, cut the bulbs off at ground level. 

Top Tips

   – Feed with high potassium fertiliser every two weeks once established. 

   – Provide plenty of moisture throughout the growing season, keep weed free and add mulch to conserve moisture.

   – Ensure that the plant roots are not disturbed!   

Key Timings

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