This strong flavoured herb likes to grow in a pot or in the middle of a border.

Choose an open and fertile site which gets lots of sun to sow the seeds. Plant them 1 cm deep and cover lightly with soil. Once sprouted, move the seedlings to 15 cm apart. Water regularly, but be careful not to over water and use garden cane or twigs to support the stems. 

Top tips

– Avoid growing near fennel as they can cross-breed and form a not-so-tasty product!

– Cut the leaves during the Spring and Summer. Picking regularly can help to keep the plant productive and prevent flowering.

– Leaves can be dried or frozen to be saved for winter!

– Seeds can be gathered when they start to turn brown and ripen in late summer. Cut stalks and hang upside down inside a paper bag or place on a sheet of paper until they dry and fall off. 

Key timings

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