Home grown cucumbers always seem to taste better!

You can grow cucumbers in pots or in the ground, but they do need heat and humidity, so a greenhouse is the perfect spot for them (or wait till at least June to move them outside). Sow your seeds in 5cm pots about 2.5cm deep into the soil and keep them in a warm spot (around 20C). Transfer the plants to 25cm pots or outside once they grow their first couple of leaves. Make sure to tie your cucumber plants to garden canes or another support. 

Top tips

– If you are moving your cucumbers outside to grow, slowly acclimatise them to cooler conditions, and make sure to not expose them to any frost.

– Cucumber plants do need regular watering. Spraying them with a mist setting on your hose can also help boost the humidity levels for the plant.

– If you are sowing seeds directly outside, put the seeds 2.5cm deep into the soil in late April, and use garden fleece to help protect them from the cold.

– The more cucumbers you harvest, the more the plant will produce!

– Cucumbers are best eaten fresh or you can store them for a few days, preferably in the fridge. Why not try adding them to salads and sandwiches, eating them on their own for a healthy snack, or cutting them into sticks and enjoying with some dips!

Key timings

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