Quick to grow in a sunny site all year round!

Coriander can be grown for either its leaves or its rich brown seeds; so ensure you are choosing the one suitable for your requirements. Coriander can be planted in early Summer either outdoors, or in small pots filled with multi-purpose compost. If you are wanting to harvest in Winter, sow the seeds in Autumn and use cloches or low polythene tunnels to protect the seedlings and leaves. Make sure the seeds are thinned out, there is a 10cm gap between plants and they are given a sunny site to grow in. Germination will take between 7-20 days.

Top tips

– Keep soil and compost damp, but avoid over-watering!

– Regularly weed the area in which the seeds are growing.

– Leaves can be used either fresh or frozen. 

– Seeds can be used whole or ground to a coarse powder. 

Key timings

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