An all year-rounder!

Cauliflowers need lots of room, doing best in very fertile soil. Achieve this by adding manure to the soil before planting. Grown all year round, ensure your cauliflowers are watered regularly, especially in summer! Firm the soil by treading on it before planting your seeds.

Plant seeds 2cm deep. Rows should be 15cm apart for mini cauliflowers or around 60cm for larger ones. Best results come if you plant the seeds in cell trays using potting compost.

Top tips

  • – Plant seeds under glass if planting in January/February or in a glasshouse during the autumn.
  • – Firm the soil very well against the roots.
  • – Once the plants are growing well, add 30g per square metre of high nitrogen fertiliser to boost growth and curd formation.
  • – Harvest the cauliflowers when the heads are firm. It is too late once the florets start to separate.
  • – Why not try our Cauliflower Cheese recipe found in our recipes section! This deliciously creamy dish will taste even better when using your home grown cauliflowers!

Key timings

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Our experience

Sometimes, cauliflower might produce small deformed heads. To avoid this, water the plants well the day before replanting. Make a hole deep enough to hold the plant with the lowest leaves at ground level. Fill this hole repeatedly with water. This will fill the hole with soil and ensure the plant is sitting in a large area of moist soil.


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