Easy to grow in an open and sunny space with fertile well-drained soil.

Carrots require an open and sunny spot to grow, or can be grown in containers depending on the type. The main season for sowing the seeds is between April and early July. The seeds should be planted 1 cm deep into the soil, 5 cm – 8 cm apart, to allow for growing room, in rows 15 cm – 30 cm apart. They will hardly need watering, but will need a soaking during dry spells. Carrots take 12-16 weeks to grow and be ready for harvest.

Top tips

– Water during dry spells.

– If planting early, cover for protection. 

– Take out any weeds growing between the carrot plants to make room for them to grow!

– Don’t throw away the leafy tops! If they are in good nick, blend them to make a unique pesto for your next pasta dish!

Key timings

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