Can be grown all year round!

Cabbages need firm soil and a sunny site to grow. You can get seeds from a local garden centre, and these can be grown all year round. For the best results, traditionally you would grow cabbages in a seedbed (preferably by a sunny window) then move them outside to their plot. For spring cabbages, plant in July/August, for summer cabbages, plant from late February/early March, and for winter cabbages plant in April/May.

For the seedbed, plant the seeds about 2cm deep in pots or trays. After 5 weeks, you can move these to their second plot! For spring cabbages, you want to grow them 25cm apart, with 30cm between rows, summer cabbages 38cm apart, with 30cm between rows, and winter cabbages 45cm apart, with 60cm between rows. After about another 15 weeks, use a sharp knife to cut and harvest the cabbage – it should look ready to eat! If you leave a 10cm stalk and cut a shallow cross in the top, the plant should produce an extra cabbage or two.

Top tips
– In order to make sure the soil is firmed for the cabbages, you can shuffle along the surface on your heels, then rake it flat.

– For summer cabbages, plant them under cloches or similar cover to prevent frost.

– Although cabbages love the sun, don’t forget to make sure they’re well watered too!

– Keep an eye out for caterpillars – you will spot holes in the leaves if they’re enjoying your tasty cabbages… 

Key timings

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