A fast-growing and easy to grow crop.

Broccoli seeds can be purchased from your local garden centre and are sown between March and June. Seeds are initially sown in a greenhouse or similar environment until April, where two seeds are sown per cell in a tray. From April, seeds can be sown in the open. Sow 3 seeds, 2 cm deep, every 30 cm along the row in fertile, well-drained and moisture-retentive soil. When the seedlings are large enough to be handled, thin out each seed group, leaving just one healthy seedling.

To harvest in Summer or Autumn (depending on when you planted your seeds) cut when the flower shoots are well formed, but before the individual flowers open. Cut the central spear first, followed by the side shoots which can be picked regularly over four to six weeks.

Top tips

– Water every 10-14 days in dry periods.

– Add high nitrogen fertiliser at 35g per square metre when the plants are 20cm tall.

– Beware of birds and caterpillars! You can cover the plants with fine netting when the heads are being produced.

– Broccoli is delicious roasted or in a stir-fry!

Key timings

Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
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Harvest ü ü ü ü ü ü ü


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