Broad beans

Broad beans are easy to grow and a fantastic addition to any dish to add some colour!

Broad beans should be grown in sheltered, south facing gardens with well-drained soil ideally containing garden compost or manure. You can purchase seeds online, at a supermarket, or in your local gardening centre. These seeds are usually planted between February and April, but they can also be sown in October and November.

Sow the broad bean seeds in double rows 5-7cm deep and 23cm apart, with 60cm between each double row. Water the plants immediately after planting.

Top tips

-Hoe the soil regularly to remove any weeds growing between the rows.

-Ensure that you plant the seeds in the most sheltered area of your garden, to avoid strong winds!

-If possible use stalks to support the broad beans (especially the tall plants).

-Be mindful if you sow your seeds in Autumn because the wet weather can cause the seeds and beans to rot.

Key timings

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