One of the easiest and most popular fruit trees you can grow!

Its best to buy your apple tree from a nursery as a young tree rather than planting seeds yourself. These trees grow best in sheltered, sunny spots with fairly deep, well-drained soil. Plant them in winter, between November and March.

To plant your tree, dig a hole that’s as deep as the the roots and at least wide enough for the roots to be fully spread out. Break up any hard soil around the edges or the base of the hole with a fork, and put your tree in the hole. Carefully refill it with soil, filling up any air gaps around the roots. Gently step on the soil to make it more firm. 

Top tips

– Apple trees don’t need much looking after, but do remember to water them in dry spells and when the fruit starts to swell.

– Sprinkling some fertiliser around the base of the tree in early spring can help the tree grow more fruit. 

– To get the best apples, prune your tree every year.

– There are a few ways to tell when your apples are ready to pick: watch out for windfalls (some apples lying around the base of the tree), taste an apple, and try picking the fruit – apples that are ready to harvest should easily twist off the branch.

Key timings

Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
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