Prepping ginger

Ginger is delicious and healthy ingredient which packs a punch but which can be a pain to prepare. 

Follow this quick guide to fix your ginger woes.

Firstly put your knife to one side for the moment. A knife may seem the obvious tool when skinning ginger, but in fact the humble teaspoon is actually a much more suitable utensil. All you have to do is drag the tip of a teaspoon against the skin of a piece of ginger, and the skin will peel away with minimal waste or fuss. A teaspoon is also much more apt at getting into the nooks and crannies which come with the shape of the root. 

Now you have your peeled root, you have the choice of either grating or slicing your ginger. Grating tends to be good for soups and stews or if you want to use the ginger as a background flavour. Slices are popular in cuisines such as Japanese and Chinese.

We’ve also created this video to help guide you through the process:


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