Kitchen tools checklist – part 2 

Extra hints and tips on essential utensils…

Our chef Josh continues to share his thoughts on the best kitchen tools on offer – this time with a selection of utensils and blenders!

Spatula, tongs & spoons

When buying these kitchen essentials, you’ll need to consider how frequently you’ll use them – and remember what they’re best for! Spatulas are essential for pancake style flipping and are useful for scrapping stuck food from the bottom of a pan. Tongs are good for flipping bits of vegetable in the pan, but not as good for trying sauces and scrapping pans. Spoons are great for tasting and stirring sauces, but can make it difficult to flip things like onion slices which can stick flat to the pan. You’ll also need to consider the material utensils are made from. Metal and plastic tools are more hygienic and easier to clean. However, if a plastic tool is not heat resistant, it can melt on a hot surface such as a pan. Conversely, metal tools can damage the bottom of a pan from rigorous contact if used incorrectly.


While the price of some premium blenders can reach astronomical heights, simple hand blenders can be found for about £5-10 in most larger supermarkets or appliance retailers. These handy little tools are great for liquifying soups, curries and purées. A half decent one will also make quick work of awkward tasks like chopping nuts, though this can also be achieved by careful chopping with a knife. Blenders with a chamber fitting are also excellent for making pesto. Although blenders are perhaps not quite a kitchen essential, they are certainly worth considering especially if you find the labour of excessive chopping difficult, or are cooking for someone whole struggles with solid foods.


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