How to prepare a mango

An ideal summer snack or a sweet element in a salad, learn how to reduce food waste and make the most of your mango.

To prepare a mango, you will need a sharp knife and chopping board.

1.  Begin by slicing through lengthways just off the centre and repeat for the other side.

2. Next score the flesh of the mango in straight lines. Take care not to cut through the skin.

3. Score again at a 90 degree angle to create a cross hatching.

4. Push the outer skin of the mango to invert so it makes a hedgehog-like effect. Use a knife or fingers remove the cubes.

5. Cut under the remaining skin, carefully working your way around the stone.

6. Now use the knife to remove the remaining flesh from the stone.

Check out our video guide here to see the step-by-step process:


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