How to prepare a bell pepper

A versatile ingredient that gives cheerful colour to stews, pastas and salads, this tutorial explains the best way to prepare your peppers.

To prepare a bell pepper, you will just need a chopping board and a kitchen knife.

1. Begin by taking the stalk and pressing firmly into the centre of the pepper until the outer skin snaps.

2. Rotate the pepper, repeat and then pull out the seedy core.

3. Stalk, core and seeds can now be discarded.

4. Next half the pepper lengthways.

5. The white pith is best removed as it has little flavour.

6. To create strips of pepper carefully slice lengthways at roughly a 1cm spacing per piece.

7. To dice the pepper, slice it again at 90 degree angle to the previous cuts.

Check out this video guide of how to prepare a bell pepper to see the step-by-step process:


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