How to cook rice

Whether for a Jambalaya or a curry, rice is a staple carbohydrate. Here are our chef’s tips on how to cook it perfectly.

To cook rice, you will need a large bowl and a saucepan.

1. One of the most important steps when preparing rice is to wash it. Begin by placing the rice in a large mixing bowl then covering with water. 

2. Now stir the rice by hand. Notice the water becoming cloudy as the starch is removed from the outside.
3. Repeat the process at least 4 times until the water runs clear then give one final strain.
4. Now add your rice to a pan. Add an equal volume of water, plus an extra 25-50%.
5. Raise to the boil then cover with a lid and reduce to the lowest possible heat which maintains a simmer.
6. Cook for approximately 15 minutes. Try not to remove the lid and don’t stir the rice as it will break apart.

Check out our video guide to watch the step-by-step process of preparing rice:


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