How to bake a potato in the microwave

Cooking a jacket potato in the oven can easily take over an hour. Try cooking it in the microwave to halve the cooking time!

A jacket potato is always a warming, cosy and homely dinner.
However in the oven, baking the potato can easily take over an hour! Fret not,
for the meals when you don’t have that time, using the microwave can half the
cooking time for the same delicious result.

As the microwave tends not to achieve the crispy skin, an
optional step once the spud has cooked through, is putting it in the oven for a
couple minutes to get that golden coat.

Check out our recipe section which shares how to cook potatoes in the microwave
as well as three tasty toppings to enjoy to complete the meal.

Why not try it with mung bean dahl as a tasty topping? Details can also be found on the recipe portal. 


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