Fighting food waste? Start with your fridge!

Start your fight against food waste now! 

Start with your fridge. Everything in there has the potential to be used, and used well. Here are three handy tips to start your fight against food waste.

Plan meals and use a shopping list
When you next go food shopping, bring a list with you that matches up with what you want to cook that week. Try and only buy what is on that list. This way, everything in your basket already has a purpose to be used and is not destined for the bin. Of course, you may happen to swing by the reduced section and cast your eye upon a rather scrumptious looking reduced cheesecake…Go for it! If you know it’s going to go to be enjoyed, then who’s not to love a quality bargain! What’s more, by buying food that would perhaps be thrown away at closing time, you’ve also helped the shop to reduce food waste.

Love your leftovers
A meal isn’t a one-hit wonder; it can be enjoyed more than once! By reheating lasagne, water evaporates and flavours concentrate, making the taste become more uniform. With potatoes being the most wasted food in the UK, ‘bubble and squeak’ transforms leftover potatoes and vegetables into a whole new dish. Fruit that’s about to go off can also be made into smoothies or juices. Brown bananas don’t have to be binned; bananas in a banana bread are preferred this way.

The freezer is your friend
If you know you’re not going to use a food item before it’s use by date, consider freezing it. Super quick and super simple, it takes just a moment to pop something in the freezer. Bread, sausages and much more are freezer friendly. You may wish to check the packaging on various food items to ensure they can be frozen. Such a simple action can prevent easily avoidable food waste.


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