Equipment guide for stroke survivors – part 1

Our guide to what you need to succeed!

In this first post, our chef, Josh shares his thoughts on the best tin openers, blenders and time savers that you can use to help improve your cooking! He’s picked up these handy hints and tips from the cookery workshops we’ve delivered in partnership with the Stroke Association in Manchester over the last few years…

When beginning to cook, the first thing to consider is how your stroke has affected you. Are you more likely to struggle with say two-handed tasks or feel fatigued after cooking for long period, perhaps both? The same rules don’t apply to everyone, but this quick guide will help you navigate the tools and shortcuts which might best apply to you.

Tin openers

One of the more effective stroke specific products that we have come across is the specially designed tin openers. These work by pinning tins in place using your body weight, allowing the tin to be opened with one hand. Alternatively, there are many electric tin openers on the market which allow you to access tins without a ring pull.


Blenders are a useful tool in any kitchen but can be especially valuable if you have physical impairments. If you struggle with solid foods, blenders are perfect for making soups and sauces. Many blenders come with multiple fittings and these various fittings may be able to provide solutions to tasks you find difficult in the kitchen.

Shortcuts and time savers

Knowing which battles to take on and which can be avoided is one of the best ways to save time and energy. Onions, for instance, make up the base of so many different dishes, but can be one of the most difficult vegetables to cut. Even with an adapted chopping board, onions can be a struggle. We recommend buying pre-chopped onions which can be found in most supermarkets. Some shops now also stock pre-chopped garlic and chilli, which will also lighten the chopping load. If these are not available, opt for garlic granules and chilli flakes or powder. Make use of other pre-ground spices and herbs to further reduce the workload. Plus – a simple pair of scissors will provide a much more practical way of cutting herbs than a knife for some.


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