Ten meals that cost less than £1 – part 1 (1-5)

Simple recipes which are cheap and easy to make but don’t lack in flavour!

If you enjoy home cooking but are worried about overspending on complex and expensive ingredients, take a look at these 5 tasty recipes that are simple to make. They’re suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Better yet – won’t break the bank; costing less than £1 per portion.

Banana pancakes

These are a great option for when you need to make something quick and healthy before starting your day. They’re simple to make – taking less than fifteen minutes to prepare and cook. Their natural sweetness makes them an instant hit with the whole family! Plus, there’s lots of different ways to make them a bit more interesting: for example, some people like to add some cinnamon or some oats to the batter to create different textures. 

Another way to experiment with these pancakes is to change up the toppings! You can try a bunch of interesting flavour combinations that will not only add to the sweetness of the dish, but will also help you get some of your five a day. Why not try some of our favourite combinations:

  1. Raspberries, strawberries, blackberries
  2. Blueberries and pecans
  3. Cranberries and coconut
  4. Baked apples and walnuts

Kale and quinoa stir-fry

This recipe is perfect for a nutritious boost in the middle of the day. The mixture of the quinoa, kale, black beans and garlic creates a hearty and healthy flavour without being too heavy which is great for eating hot or cold. Plus, by adding a fried egg on top you get a great source of protein and it adds a nice balanced flavour to the meal.

If you’re thinking of using this recipe for a packed lunch, try swapping the fried egg out for a hard boiled one to make sure you’re still getting that protein.

Squash and spinach pasta

Pasta is a great staple for any meal, and this easy vegan recipe will be a great addition to your lunchtime. It’s packed with loads of vegetables including butternut squash, courgette and spinach in a garlic herb sauce. Like the quinoa dish, this one’s also fantastic both hot and cold. This dish can also be easily adapted to suit your personal tastes, for example, some people like to add some pecans to the dish or enjoy adding a spoonful of pesto for added flavour.

Bean chilli baked potatoes

A jacket potato with baked beans is a great and simple recipe. This recipe is a twist on this traditional meal by adding some spice to warm the palate, and incorporating some finely diced vegetables into the sauce. Not only is this recipe far more flavourful, but it’s also much healthier than its tinned alternative, with fewer preservatives and added sugar.

We also have a few serving suggestions that you can incorporate into the dish to elevate it:

1. Add some sweet potatoes to the chilli to create a more robust flavour.

2. Add some more chilli powder for an extra kick of spice!

2. Add cheese to the potatoes when serving to complete the dish.

Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom risotto is a wholesome, creamy dish that often acts as a great comfort food for lots of families. However, some recipes demand complex and difficult-to-source ingredients that aren’t necessarily accessible for everyone. The recipe we’ve created is simple to make without compromising on flavour and quality. Its quick prep time and easy cooking steps makes it a great option for a low-effort evening meal that’s great for weekdays. 

A tip that we have for vegetarians who want to prepare this meal is to swap out the Parmesan for another hard Italian style cheese such as a pecorino. 

If you’re interested in making these dishes, make sure to check out the recipes tab on our portal where we have their ingredients and methods. 

Don’t forget to check out the second part of this article that includes more inexpensive recipes! 


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