3 kitchen gadgets that save time and money

Taking the time to cook your own meals is very satisfying, but often after a long day we just want meals as soon as possible!

Here are 3 gadgets that we use in our workshops that help will help you save time and money.

Garlic crush:
Looking through our recipes you will quickly see that we love garlic! This vegetable is little in stature but full of flavour and health benefits. The only problem with garlic is that it can be quite a nuisance to cut up or dice quickly without getting smelly hands for a week! That’s why we use a garlic crusher. The garlic crusher enables you to mince garlic with it’s skin on with one simple squeeze, saving you time and smelly hands! They cost around £10 and are available from all major supermarkets.

Hand pull chop:
Some of our recipes require you to finely dice vegetables. One way to do this is chop them finely with a knife. However, this takes time and puts your fingertips at risk. Alternatively, you could use a hand pull chop! This is a cheap alternative to a blender and can be found on Amazon for £8.99. They are very effective at dicing up onions, peppers, making bread crumbs and they are essential for the cauliflower rice in our adapted version of Tabbouleh!

Food storage tubs/ containers:
To save time during the week it can be useful to set aside one evening to cook all your meals for the remaining days of the week. One important component of this is having the containers you need to store the excess food! Food storage tubs are very cheap and can be bought from almost every local shop or supermarket. Whether it is portions from batch cooking, or left overs from the night before, saving food helps reduce waste and unnecessary spending during the week.


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